You deserve all our attention. We work to offer you the quality and result you want.
You deserve all our attention. We work to offer you the quality and result you want.

For 40 years now, we have been in close relations with the players of the agricultural, food and industrial sectors, ever tuned to these different markets and thanks to our current expertise, our customers are bound to make lasting and profitable investments with the Andrieu equipment.

We have constantly evolved and provided the right innovations and solutions to match the requirements of our different markets (agriculture, industry, etc). As an example on the agricultural and para-agricultural markets, our solutions are designed with greater respect, safety and comfort of the animals in mind. Along the same lines, the manpower handling them can now do so in full safety, saving time and improving their working conditions too.
We are proactive in 5 markets.


- Livestock breeding farms (patented Andrieu systems)
- Breeding industries, handling and transit centres, showgrounds, slaughtering houses, cooperatives, livestock dealers, traders, etc.
- Specialised breeding centres, national studs, insemination centres, INRA (French national institute for agricultural research), equine centres, etc.
- Town halls and institutions, veterinary schools, etc
- Other bespoke industrial equipment: sliding and swivel gates, waste handling, façade sun shades, stairways, railings, etc.
Our commitments, your guarantees


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- Taking your specific requirements into account
- Design of your personalised solution
- Quality products with a proven track record for over 30 years in sometimes extreme breeding conditions
- Specially calculated prices
- The assurance of a fitting in a workmanlike manner: by way of preparation of the site prior to fitting, in liaison with the other professions involved
- Fitting performed by our team with performance undertaking
- Performance and after-sales guarantees.